Genesis is the company profile creation company you are waiting for. We are professional in the field because we boast, among others, a editor, a copywriter, creations in 3 languages- Chinese, English and Malay and photos of your business. You save your trouble of getting your needs from different sources or locations. We can provide your company profile needs altogether here.


The design and layout of the company profile we produce is “magazine-like” in which we combine website techniques with magazine elements to make your company profile look like a magazine besides being easy to read and use.



Genesis was established at the beginning of 2006 by a veteran media worker. It is also the first in the country to transfer media communication to company profile creation, incorporating communication media into websites.


Since the inception, our services in company profile creations were given good reception by commercial sector. We have created a few hundred Company Profile to date and set up our branches in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Butterworth.







Ordinary design companies are claimed to have provided the company profile design services, in fact, refers to the design only, in other words, you must provide the material to the designer, such as contents, photo and others.


In “Creation”, all the work, from A to Z, including planning of company profile, copywriting (scripts for the Company Profile), photo taking, editing and artistic typesetting is taken care of. The combination of these items will create a company profile that is commercially efficient and will bring more orders to the company.